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Pelvic Peels

Physiotherapy in Toronto for Hip

Lay on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat. 

Squeeze your hamstring muscles (as if digging in the heels), and your buttocks together.

Engage your inner unit and start to curl the tailbone under while squeezing the buttocks throughout.

Breathing throughout the exercise, slowly peel your hips off the bed one vertebra at a time by curling the tailbone highter until you feel the muscles in your low back start to engage.

Hold, and uncurl one vertebra at a time, lowering with control, maintaining the buttocks squeeze throughout.

You should feel this working in the buttocks and hamstrings first.

You will only lift/curl your low back 2-3 inches.

Hold and repeat as advised by your Revive Health Centres physiotherapist.

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